What I Eat in a Day

Sunday with a Migraine

Hello and happy weekend!

Here’s another What I Eat in a Day for ya. Let’s jump right into it.

For breakfast, I had a bowl of plain Cheerios with almond milk. To be honest, as much as I try to like nut milks, I can really enjoy them in cereal. This Happy Planet organic one is definitely my favourite though.

I also had a piece of toast with peanut butter and honey drizzle. This bread is ancient grains and quinoa. I typically hate quinoa, which I feel like is breaking some kind of vegetarian code, but I actually really like this bread.

Finally, I had the usual coffee with milk and cane sugar (all organic, fair trade, etc. etc. 😉

I was pretty proud of this simple soup and salad lunch. I’m usually terrible at making cohesive meals, but this was was on point in that department.

My main dish was spicy black bean soup with tons of beans, peppers, and corn. I always find black beans so filling so I didn’t even have half of this portion, but it was delicious.

The salad had iceberg lettuce, cilantro, shredded carrots, crispy tortilla bits, with cilantro lime dressing.

To drink I had my favourite Blue Menu sparkling lime water.

For an afternoon snack I had a fruit smoothie with some of my mom’s homemade banana bread. I’m honestly salivating all over again just looking at this photo.

The smoothie had strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, half a banana, and some orange juice.

The banana bread had fairy dust and magic.

WARNING: Brace yourself for a really pathetic looking dinner.

Yup. There she is – a plate of mashed potatoes.

But fun fact: potatoes are my favourite food. These were no exception.

I had an awful migraine and I was craving pure comfort food. I had made these from scratch the night before so it felt like fate that they were waiting for me in the fridge. I make them with the skins on and fill them with diced onions. It’s the only way to go, trust me.

Later on in the night I wanted something dessert-y so I had this new flavour of Popcorners.

For a long time Popcorners were my favourite snack. I think I ate them way too much because I’m kind of over them. That being said, I was all over this new flavour when I saw it. They’re basically the texture of popcorn but the flavour of snickerdoodle cookies. They’re also not too bad for you compared to most desserts so that’s a bonus.

That does it for this day of food!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday evening (with some fantastic food!)



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