Christmas Haul!

Hey guys! I'm already cringing at how pretentious a "Christmas Haul" sounds. Please - bare with me. I'm more than aware that Christmas isn't about the gifts. Personally, my favourite part of Christmas is playing cards with my family around the table. That being said, I love seeing and hearing of people's 'highlight' gifts they … Continue reading Christmas Haul!

What I Eat in a Day

Hi there! I'm going to start periodically posting what I ate from start to finish in a day. I've always been interested in reading other people's food diaries, mostly because it's such a big part of a person's daily life. What better peek into someone's day than what they ate from morning to night? For … Continue reading What I Eat in a Day

My Sunday Routine

Strange confession: I struggle with Sundays. Before I worked a Monday-Friday job, I struggled with whatever day was the equivalent of Sunday. Rather than basking in my weekend freedom, I often spend the day anxiously watching the clock dreading bedtime. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest – not a day of crushing … Continue reading My Sunday Routine